The Power of Belief

It’s been understood we all have a belief. Atheist, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist, etc. These structures (or non-structures) of belief create our perceptual worlds. It’s interesting to me, I have been to many varied churches, and spoke to many different people who believe in those. Regardless, I know speaking of religion is a bit of a sore topic for many. I don’t wish to point at religion, but at belief.

Have you ever questioned your belief? I am fairly certain many have, although have they fully questioned it’s validity? Maybe. I know for myself that when I questioned what I believed to be true, I didn’t have an answer. Irony is, that was my answer – I don’t have the answers, so seek them out. I attended various church functions, or religious ceremonies. I have asked questions, observed, and found my answer to be this:

 What you believe to be true, you create to be true for yourself.

 This is my own view. I see it as then, everyone is right, if only for themselves. However, it goes deeper than this. (Much deeper.) This is only a frame of belief in construction, it’s the forming a foundation that what one believes is a foundation they build on. One that shapes their entire life. The nature of a belief is strange to me considering why someone believes in something is varied for everyone. Why one believes in something, may not be why another believes in the same thing.

This conundrum has provoked me in many various ways. Such as in my case, why I couldn’t just simply believe as others in my family, or religion. I saw things differently then they did, and my own thoughts lead me to a different perception. I wondered where the belief was stemming from, and for some it’s emotional, such as the good feelings they receive when they contemplate their belief. Others tend to seek a more logic centered approach and ask why, how, and what makes logical sense.

In the truth, people are motivated, driven, and pursue things in accordance with their belief. Even if it’s not religious. For instance, a person believes they are not worth a damn, and their entire behaviors, social behaviors, and even their nature conforms to the belief. They close off, or they push others away. They continue to persist in it regardless of it’s validity, because they believe in it.

It’s the power of belief that causes this. It’s a powerful tool that is a tool of choice. We choose what we believe, we choose what we want to believe in. Even if it’s a subconscious decision, a choice was made to believe in a particular thing. It’s power resounds through your life. For instance a man who believes in service is going to serve others through out their life. It’s going to ultimately define an individual.

What we believe, we make true for ourselves. It doesn’t change another’s belief, simply because you believe it. We have individual belief. In this it only creates a foundation that we build ourselves from. It’s a foundation that much of our lives are centered by it. What do you believe in? Consider for even one actual moment that your belief is wrong. (Not that it is, but just imagine) Imagine that your belief is wrong, how much do you think that would upset your world? Your existence? What would you do? What would be changed? Are you starting to grasp how strong belief actually is?

The fact that you believe in something is enough to change you. The things you don’t believe in are also just as defining. The structures of your beliefs could be rigid, unwavering, or for others, it may be open and fluid to change. Regardless, both hold a belief, everyone does. Even if it is a belief in nothing at all. It has determined much more than who they are themselves. It determined much more.

In closing, I hope that when you chastise someone for their beliefs, when you think of why someone would believe in something absurd to you; I hope you recognize that their belief is true for them, and that in that simple recognition, you can understand that they are who they are because of those beliefs. Decide what you truly believe, and know that it will shape your entire life.

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