The Autopilot

In usual cases of normalcy and humdrum of life, an autopilot comes in handy. For instance if a pilot is making another routine run for a 16 hour flight, the last thing he wants to do is pilot the plane completely by hand for the entire duration. He flips a switch and engages a system that tracks plane altitude, yaw, pitch, and direction. It navigates based on a coordinate system that is also in place, and will continue en route to it’s destination. Thus the plane continues without the pilot having to stress flying it himself.

In life, some people are on a constant autopilot. They set their brain to a form of auto response and navigation, while they are thinking of other things. This was supposed to happen. For example, if there was a traumatic experience the individual may feel numb, in shock, and their movement, their behaviors and responses are set to an autopilot. A way for the body and mind to engage without much consideration or thought.

However, there are many who do employ this at almost all times. It’s a way for people to dodge confrontation, or social engagement. If we’re to go with Freudian principle, they stop weighing in on the Id’s responses, and simply do. It becomes a selfish manifestation because they won’t analyze their self and their response, but merely continue without reserve. This can be shown in a variety of ways, like the people who text and drive. The consideration of others is out a window, while the “Id”, or “Ego”, manifested that the importance of responding to their message is suddenly the importance.

The value of the reservation to stop the “Id’s” selfish desires is null. There is automatic action. With this type of behavior, at a constant rate, there is little thought process behind actions. Like if a parent asked the child, “why did you do that?” Then the child response is “I don’t know.” – That is autopilot. Observe those around you, think of the people you know, do you see anyone who has the autopilot on, maybe consistently? If you do, it’s not fully their fault. It’s surprising how many decisions we make with autopilot response, or simply put, subconsciously.

It is, however, imperative that we consider the responses in our mind. You will have many, as if various parts of your mind speak simultaneously. They are doing so all the time, maybe even now as you read this. While many of the voices are weaker, or not as sound in their response it’s often the stronger voice that wins. These voices are not actual voices, but simply different avenues of thought manifesting as a response that may or may not be appropriate to the situation.

It’s the autopilot that is meant to be involved in the cases you can’t. If you’re exhausted, autopilot kicks in. If you’re in shock, autopilot kicks in. However, engaging in auto response to life is letting go of the reigns. While for some this could be of help, or for others this is a sign of simple laziness, it is what they have chosen. To simply let go of control of their actions, or life, by simply letting go of the controls. The mental controls are a struggle to balance, or deal with. We have constant input from our brain, and sometimes can be overwhelming.

This constant input provokes varied responses. I.E.: Man sees attractive woman, number of responses varies, but one will be sexual in nature, another may be critical, and another may be concern. Still, the fact that the individual has control over the “correct” response is what matters. They instead choose to relinquish this control for the sake of self. As if life is too difficult to have that kind of control.

Now before you string me up from the nearest tree, I would say that this isn’t to be a pointed finger of accusation. It’s not to criticize your choice, or your life, it’s to help you to see that you have the reigns of your life, and that comes with a responsibility. While it may be easier to neglect that responsibility, it’s not only you in this world. This world consists of others, many others, with thoughts, feelings, and lives.

While it is easy to forget that they are surrounded by other individuals (more than likely with their own autopilot on) you are responsible for your choices, and actions. Your responsibility isn’t a myth. It’s fact. If you choose to rob a store, and in so doing, get caught, you go to jail, or rather just deal with the consequences. In those situations “autopiloters” may just autopilot through the consequences without consideration or thought of their judgement or responsibility.

I implore others to weigh in on their autopilot. Don’t simply auto navigate your path through life. Not if you want to be where you want to be. Not if you seek success (regardless of what you consider success). Not if you want to be an influence, or have an impact. The autopilot can be so easy, but to be honest, life was never meant to be easy. You do not grow, through simplicity or having it easy. You grow through challenge, through hardship, and through the mistakes. So, take a look around, observe, or simply look in a proverbial mirror, and see if you can see the autopilot.


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