Singular Perception

It’s interesting, we have different senses. Taste, touch, smell, see, hear, and for some the extra sensory. (Sixth sense.) The senses relay information to particular parts of the brain. All of it then combine to form a singular perception. A view from which we perceive the world around us. However, even psychology can’t seem to explain what they call “the Binding problem”. The fact that the different sensory input is combined somehow across the brain in a way that we form a perception of the world.

The fragments of touch, or smell, combined with sight can combine to create the perception that maybe something is gross, or beautiful, or dangerous. We unify these senses into one field of view. While this is curious and still worth researching, I bring up singular perception in a different context. We are beings of great understanding, sympathy, even empathy. We can understand other perceptions and relate. Or we don’t understand, or feel unable to understand other perceptions.

The intriguing part to me is how we are unable to recognize our own limits of perception. While we may understand other people’s views, thoughts, or deeds. We often fail to recognize other people have a perception that may be very different from your own. For example, if you feel you’re worthless, you see someone looking at you in a way. In your own perception, they are looking at you with contempt, disgust. While in reality they may not even be aware of where they are looking, or may find some completely different reason to be looking.

This is what I mean by singular perception. We often get stuck with the reality of our own perceptive world. We continue to believe that our vision of the world around us and our own narrow view is the way everyone sees. Not that it is always the case, nor that we think this all the time, but that often we make assumptions of the world, and it’s views, based on our own perception. This can be so powerful. We have used the phrase before, “with rose colored glasses” or whatever, but the fact is that if you were to perceive the world as dangerous, than you will see the world as ominous, foreboding, and dangerous.

As another may see the world as carefree, and easygoing. Now take these two examples in comparison. How do you think they perceive differently? Are there ways they may see the same? What do you think might be their attitudes towards the world around them? How much are they affected by this perception?

The interesting thing is that it will shape everything. From their interactions with others, to normal daily behaviors, to even extremes of anxiety, stress, depression, etc. The perceived world they have unintentionally set up has also shaped them. Now let’s consider something more deeply. What if a person has a view that the world is ugly, cold and heartless. They may have shaped this view because of bad experiences, and possible hardships that were occurring during upbringing.  Still their viewpoint is a darker portrait of the world around them.

They then see that world around them as hostile, vile, cruel, and even maybe dangerous. They may grow to return the resentment, the hostility, or anger. Maybe because of a lack of controlling their environment they are bitter, or over compensate and cause fear, or push others. The single perception locked into place like a combination lock to a vault. We just happen to be looking out of the vault to a world of complexity.

Now, the truth, did you know you chose your perception? Maybe not fully intentionally, but you shaped it over the years to be what you perceive. Making assumptions based on the perception, you may decline someone who is asking you out, or you may hide yourself based on the fear, or you may be loud and carefree. The fact is though that you have shaped your own perception by choosing what you believe the world to be inside your mind. The most private and closed off space you know; your mind. The viewpoint from inside is so skewed to your own devising, and experiences.

You do get to choose, you do get a choice if you want to continue seeing the world that way or not. I don’t say changing an already defined perception would be easy, on the contrary it is harder than you may imagine. Or with possible experiences can be changed dramatically based on singular experiences. For instance, you come home to find you’ve been burglarized, or you get mugged, or someone hands you a thousand dollars with no questions asked. Things of this sort can dramatically change a perception, but only if it is allowed to.

I understand there may be many reasons to feel as you do. To perceive the world as you do. However, it may not be as you think it to be. It may not be as dark, or as light, it may not be cruel, and vile. It may not be easy, and smooth sailing, but the fact is you have a single perception in a world full of single perceptive people. Seeing beyond the perception, and setting aside assumptions can make a world of difference. I challenge you to try to see the world in a different perception than you normally do. See what kind of difference it makes for yourself.

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