Choice Matters

Through out my blog I speak about many topics, however the common thread is choice. I believe it is far overlooked, and often taken for granted. How often is it you may have heard the words, “I don’t have a choice”? I have heard them quite a few, and the truth is you always have a choice. Even in an ultimatum you have a choice, although the lesser may not be your best option, it is still your choice.

The interesting thing about choice is there is two sides, while we may not always have control over what happens in our life. (IE: Getting robbed, losing a job because of a closure, etc.) there will always be your choice of how you react to it. The fact that I find interesting is one thing: Choice will always make you look ahead. 

You can make all the choices you like but once time has passed, it’s etched forever in your history. The past unable to be altered, your choice is stuck within it. You can’t change the past choices, or make the past come back to you and redo it. You’re stuck with the choices you made. So why is it we’re not looking at our choices with more thought?

The choices will always make you look forward because it is always ahead of you, yet to be made. It is always a question of your future, and the road you take to get there. You get to choose how you will live, you get to choose if you’re going to get somewhere in life or not, you get to choose what your outlook of that future will be, and what you choose to make of it regardless.

The amount of choices we make daily is staggering, from the minor to the major, we make countless choices. All of which lead us toward our futures. Through a series of choices we can find ourselves in troubled waters, lost and confused at how we put ourselves in the positions we find ourselves. Yet if you were to trace it back by your continued choices, you may see how you paved your way to the plight you find yourself in through your choice.

It’s a matter of even how you choose to perceive life. One person may be optimistic, while another may be pessimistic. However, both have chosen to see the world as they do. It wasn’t the events that caused their views to change or develop, but what they chose to do with the events that caused their perception to be as it is. The event has only some bearing to the parameter of the choices. IE: Someone is raped, may have many more negative outcomes, versus positive. While getting a sudden influx of money can alter you choices possibilities to be more positive than negative.  You, however, get to make the final decision.

The events of life don’t shape you. You shape you from the events you live. You get to decide how you’re going to take the event. You get to decide if you’re going to let go of negative events, and problems, or if you’re going to let the negative event define you. It’s been your choice all along. However, as you’ve grown accustomed to your choices and lives, you’ve taken for granted your own power to choose. It’s not as easy to see through it and find where your own responsibility was to it. You can’t simply see all your choices because you’ve spent so much time not seeing them.

Whereas someone who is young, and adaptable can alter their vision in a way to see the choices easier than those who’ve taken it for granted. It offers much more possibility to create their own future, as well as to shape their-selves from the choices they now see. Thus they build their own person, their lives, and their perception early and so they can now shape a future ahead. While those who are older, more stuck in their ways don’t easily.

Regardless of you choice, ask yourselves a couple simple questions. What are my choices, at any given time? Where will that choice take me? (Or, what’s the consequences of the choice I am making?) Try to look from other angles, look short term, long term and look at the ripple effect it may have on others. If you can do this, and regard the choices with an open mind, you will see how much power you have over your own life. The power is in your hands. The power of who you will be, what you do, and say, all a choice you get to make. So, what do you choose?


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