Tipping Scales

Polar opposites, difference, black or white, it’s a balancing act. Life, in general, seems to offer what seems like only two sides, but the reality is far different. While two sides exist, the line that defines either side is not a clearly defined one. In fact, when you’ve crossed it, it is usually too late to notice it. Some may find that the light is all they want, and refuse to accept the darkness. While others accept darkness, and refuse to see the light. Why?

The fact is that there is a delicate balance of self, of the world and nature, of all things. In everyday life we are continually tipping the scales of our inner and external balances. By mistreating someone, or by helping someone, we’re counter-weight to the other. Regardless of what you believe, someone out there is tipping the proverbial scale the opposite way, at the same time you are.

Balance is a harmony and understanding. It’s understanding that without the opposition there is no understanding, let alone comprehension. (IE: If a person could only know sadness, never happiness or any other emotion, then they would fail to understand sadness in the first place.) It’s just an understanding that without one, we wouldn’t have the other. Look around, think for a moment, and consider what is the polar oppositions around you?

Meanwhile in daily life, we strive to continue our journeys believing we’re light or dark, and forget we’re just as grey as the line between the two. We should be accepting the simplicity that we are both. By doing this you acknowledge both sides of yourself, and then can work to even the scales. Try to push a counter balance to your inner self. Giving more credit if you’re too harsh. Taking instead of giving all the time.

The inner balance would be a place to start, but if you truly comprehend balance and the need for it, then you can understand such deeper insight. The universe seeks the same balance within itself.  It’s always trying to balance some part by doing something that will tip those proverbial scales. While you may not believe this, it’s true, it’s just going to happen over time. Maybe even take millions of years to equalize, but it then will tip again and continue to struggle for a balance.

Just as we, inside ourselves, struggle to maintain a balance. A balance of what we do right versus wrong, a balance of emotion versus logic, a balance of construction versus destruction. The trouble for many is they do not understand they are responsible for the balance. They have to counter weigh the impulses. For instance if someone were continually berating themselves inwardly, it’s up to them to counter that by accepting their better qualities. To understand we are flawed and a W.I.P. (Work-In-Progress) for likely all of our lives.

Understanding this, and putting it into action are two wholly separate things. Understanding only helps the relevance of action. Where as creating an action takes effort, and time. It’s a major undertaking to seek out the balance of self, let alone to continue to recognize it in your life. To understand that without the times of sadness you couldn’t understand, or value, happiness. To understand that people are just as unbalanced and in their blindness often stay that way. I challenge anyone to see balance, and encourage the challenge further, to balance yourself. Balance the inner and you will find the external will sort out with you. Until the scales are tipped once again.

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