Have you ever wondered about something deeply and with longing to know, then an answer comes complex and far outside your understanding? There is so much more to the world than any simple understanding can offer. It’s a complex system, filled with complex and simple concepts and organisms. What if you could extract the core of these things, the simple truth of the universe?

I sought to answer this and find the simple truths. I wanted the answers and looked high and low to gain insight and understanding. I tried to understand the complexity, so I could convey it more simply. Yet, I find that as I dive deeper into the understanding of one of the most complex things on this planet (people). I don’t have any way to convey the messages in a simplified way. There are however universal truths, and from those I try to convey the messages I understood. I use words, formed in my own nuanced way.

The messages are about my four cornerstones. Choice, Respect, Truth, Balance are my cornerstones. I find that these answer so many questions of which most do not fully understand. It has shaped your world and created who you are. The wildest part is that majority of people even really see only one of the four. Going through their lives, they may understand respect in it’s complexity and at it’s core, but they don’t see their choices. They may not see the truth in a society that covets lies and deceit as a daily routine or dramatic ways. They may not understand that bad things happen to good people, so they understand the meaning of value, and balance. Some may see that the truth is what they want and find out that in so doing it’s not what they bargained for.

I spent my life in understanding the truth, only to find myself on the ugly side of life. To find the truth I had to wade through the dark waters and find the sink holes. I had to press forward despite setbacks and look where I feared to go. I started my journey inward, introspective and critical. I have understood the truth of myself, and still am a work-in-progress. I have since moved outward trying to understand truths of you, and those around you. I have begun to see the pattern, a tapestry of fate, choice, and coincidence weaved and sewn into the past. A weaving moment of now, all in preparation of a future. I see a rhythm, a melody, a flow to the current of life that signals there is more to all of this.

I see the balance that is needed, accepting that I am always trying to balance myself, and my life. I see that the universe seems to counter balance its own way, and everything has a counter. The balance in Newton’s third law of motion. Formally stated, Newton’s third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Is that not balance? Are you beginning to see? To understand?

Respect, is something of a trick. Respect is given first before it is earned. Respect is a valued and understood thing that everyone seeks but may not realize they are. Respect is something that is given to things that we cherish. To people we admire. To our coveted and precious moments, in reverence, in solemn quiet and honorable ways. The truth of respect is it is a thing that everyone can have, should have, and should value within and out. For without this you can’t find the truth, you won’t be balanced, and you won’t really look at your choices.

The most important cornerstone is choice. It’s the one separation that defines so much of our lives. The truth that choices matter. That what you decide today may change your entire life. The choice of belief in an idea can shape your world. The choice you make can change someone else, even so much as to change their entire life. You can make a choice to believe what you want to believe. You can choose to do something that you set yourself to do. You can choose to see life as the antagonist and you the unwitting victim. Or you choose to see the opportunity you have to create, the path that’s before you, and choose a different route. You can choose to believe what you read here, or you can choose what you take. Whatever you choose, I hope you understand this is still just an over simplification.

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