Inconvenient Truth

Inconvenient Truth

I long ago believed in something that most people take for granted. The truth. It’s such a simple thing and so difficult at the same time. A paradoxical word that describes so much. Even to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the meaning is defined below:

Dictionary definition of TruthThis is a defined view of what truth can mean. So many different things, yet it seems to be one of the most avoided things. We avoid truth in so many ways because of its inconvenience, it’s ability to dig into something personal. A quote I heard once, “you really want to hurt someone? Tell the truth about them.” It can hurt, the truth can be so powerful. Look at it introspectively, what truths do you hide? How you feel? What you think? The fear that creeps in the back of your mind? The pressure and stresses you’re bearing? What about the deeper truths, the ones you’ve buried so deep and will never divulge.

You see, it’s obscured. Truth is often buried and hidden. Something we can’t seem to face with a skin that accepts it for what it can be, the truth. A portion of the reason that this is the case is that it is blurred by opinion. Opinion has the weight of a personal perspective and we’re locked into that perspective, so we forget the truth isn’t relative. We often state things as if they are the truth, and really they are an opinion. It’s become convoluted. It’s a fact that the words we use are powerful, but if they hold the weight of truth, they have such a strength.

Going back to that belief I had, I sought to uncover the truth in all forms. If it had a truth I questioned, I had to know why; to understand why. I had to know the truth intimately. I needed to find the ways that the truth was hidden so I knew where to dig. I had to understand it and when I found it, I often found answers I didn’t expect.

Sunrise over the ocean

There is only one major truth. A truth that is an inconvenient and powerful one, you get to choose. You have a choice inside your mind. Your choice can only be influenced, but it will always remain your own. It’s your own personal strongest trait, and one of the major distinctions from our animal friends. We get a choice. You have the power to control your choice, and even if you have taken that for granted until this very moment, you can choose to take that control. The responsibility of your choices is also the weight of this truth about choice.

Responsibility comes with every choice you made, even if you don’t know it, or accept it. It is a truth, it is fact. You have had a trail of responsibility to every single choice you’ve made over the course of your life. That trail has lead you to the point you’re at now, and there isn’t a single person on this earth who is done. There is no one who isn’t still on their path, making continual choices and leaving a wake. The wake affects others, and their wake affects others till the world is flowing like the “wave” in a sports game. The time that you see your own responsibility and see the truth of choices all can be so deeply profound. It can change your life in a single moment.

You have the power to choose a life that means something. You can choose to be better than what you were given. You can choose to make a wake that helps others rise. You can choose to make a legacy that exists beyond yourself. You can choose to make things better. You can choose to fight your doubt, fears, and insecurities. You can choose to make the most of whatever you have even if it’s nothing. You can choose to not give up regardless of what you face. You can choose your own life. Now that you know the truth; make a choice.

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