Can you feel them? The vibrations? You’re world is in a constant state of vibrating. It’s all moving molecules and bouncing particles. Rich with waves of sound, of energy, of flowing streams of it all. Can you feel it?

You’re attitudes, your thoughts, your emotional state, everything you do, how you move, is all an energy that eminates in waves from you to others. People sense it (either unconsciously or consciously) and they react with their own ways. Their lives are in the similar flows forward through what we perceive as time. The energy flows from each of us through every interaction we have. We feed it, or take it, some build it, some steal from it. The truth is that you’re part of it.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine. Imagine a ghostly stream of energy emanating from you. Is it firey and licking at things about, is it soft and caressing things, is it just spilling about? Now, imagine that energy in interaction, observe someone’s interaction and imagine the energy exchanges. The fact is you can’t see this, but if you can imagine well enough, you may see what I am talking about.

The truth of our lives is that we have the say of what vibes we will put out. What kind of vibration are you putting out? What do you do with others? Have you tried something different? It’s just a little consideration, food for thought. It’s just a reality that while we have a moment in our lives to read these words, I just hope to inspire some to see something they may not have otherwise.


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