Happy New Year

The only time of year that calls for not only reflection but of newly laid plans. It’s a time of changing and recognizing the changes you’ve made. It’s time to make the promises, goals, and aspirations of your coming future. To decide and make the path that you want to walk.

Although there are many who set their goals and effortlessly reach for them. There are those who don’t believe in goals or making them. The truth is though that no matter who you are, each of us is utilizing the New Year as a process where we pass from one year to another, and in the passing phase, it is time to process that which you’ve done. To also look at the road ahead and wonder if that is going to take you where you wanted to go.

So are you heading in your right direction? Are you looking at the road and wondering how you will ever achieve such goals? Do you need to make drastic changes to your life to find a way to move forward? Then you’re not alone as many are in the same position. Some people have no idea how to change, or where to start.

The problems they face are ones that cloud their vision, it hides the truth of the path’s difficulty. You don’t have any idea how far, or how hard it might be. You don’t know but some are either willing to press forward in uncertainty willing to believe they will make it through somehow. Or they stay stagnant. Like a statue, they hold position and continue revolving around in the same quagmire as previously.

Do not let yourself find comfort to the pain. Do not seek the comfort of not moving forward or putting yourself in a place of depression, angst, or frustration. You have a chance to make something better. You have a road that may be difficult, but it may be easier than you think.  It’s a chance to push yourself as you did in your youth to new heights you didn’t know existed. This can lead you to new and better ideas of your life. It can lead you to the next year that may even offer more.

This is worth the risk. No matter what you think, any attempt to change for the better is worth the risk. If you fail take the lessons it gives you. If you succeed you’re further than you were before. If you find yourself on the proverbial rollercoaster, then relax and try to enjoy the ride. It’s a life that you get to live, your own life and no one can say what it needs but you. You are the one who gets to decide your life.

This New Year, make a choice, decide for yourself what you need in your life and don’t let go of what is important to you. You can step forward on that mysterious path, and the next step, and the next. You may struggle, but it will strengthen you, you may find ease, but it will be a respite to prepare yourself for the next challenge. You’re stuck in the finite life and it’s moving one direction. Take a moment to reflect on who you are, where you are, and who you want to be. Where you want to be. Dare to take a step toward that future. Happy New Year.


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