A Moment Forever

This is a moment that can last forever. A significant moment where all meaning for you can stem back to this one moment. It’s the moment you decide. It’s the moment I decide. It’s the change that a new year might bring and the opportunity to take the steps I want to take, or you want to take. These steps are purposeful and with confidence in them. How can this be?

The truth in my personal confidence, in my mindful steps, isn’t the uncertainty of the unknown future. But a certainty of whatever happens I will survive, until one day I don’t. In such a simple truth, I am certain I will survive everything until I don’t, and until that day I will continue to push for that I know is true. However, that doesn’t mean that life is free of challenges.

Challenges or adversity is the truth of all lives. Nothing in life is handed to any life. A smaller tree in the shade of another must fight for light. A person in the lower socio-economic standard must struggle to achieve theirs. It’s a part of every life. Struggle. It’s not intended to break you, although it might. It’s not intended to hurt you, although it will more than you think sometimes. It’s meant to strengthen, to enrich your life, to bring knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to a life that without a struggle wouldn’t have the values to properly appreciate what it can offer.

The only thing that is the true challenge is to face the enemy within. To understand yourself so completely to know that there is an internal enemy. One that seeks to counterbalance all you do and say. This internal enemy is one you’ve created over years, have listened to countless times, and given power to. You may hear it as it whispers, or tells you just how pathetic you are. You may listen as it bolsters arrogance and pride. It’s just opposition in you.

An American proverb goes: “If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do no harm.” This simple little phrase is deeply true. However, there is no time where the enemy within is gone, it’s meant to be there to counterbalance. It’s always going to gnaw at you, it’s always going to be a struggle to be against the inner self.

However, if you can come to terms, to know yourself in a way that you dictate who you want to be. Then be it. Dictate how you want to act, then act in accordance. Dictate how you want to feel, then start feeling. Dictate what you want and need in your life (Know the difference between the two) and you can step forward in your life toward those things. When you know yourself so clearly you can conquer the world.

Your perception of the world and of yourself creates your reality. You can change it. Your perception of the world and yourself is your own, and from a mind that you control – no one else. You get the chance to decide for yourself whether you will be a victim of life and circumstance.  You can choose not to be that victim, to choose to not let those moments define you, but let you define yourself. You are not what happened to you unless you let it be.

You are someone who can make their own decision. You can make up your own mind. You can research the truth for yourself and come to your own conclusions. You can manage the challenges and difficulties that await you. You will survive until one day you don’t. You can make this very moment last forever if you’re willing to commit to the choices you make from this moment forward.

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