Intricacies of a Tapestry

It was said once human behavior is nothing if not predictable. This is true, however, it is only when you understand who they believe they are that the pattern of behavior is predictable. Only if you can see the person’s inner core and outer actions can you wager the likelihoods of both action and reaction.

We are continually forced in an environment with differences to recognize and react to these differences. We maneuver our lives to better suit positions which we are comfortable. We even establish routines that make it even easier to become predictable. The point of this isn’t about whether we are predictable or not, but the deeper meaning beneath it.

Let’s just say for a moment you have the eyes of God. You can see the flow of time from beginning to end. Narrow the focus to one generational lifetime. Narrow down the world population to just two (for the sake of simplicity). We will call them Jane, John.

Now, neither of the two have a choice in where they were born, or whom to, or what lifestyle they are. The fact is they technically start on an equal healthy baby footing. Each having no greater or lesser opportunity. However, from the first moment, that changes. The patterns of their lives from every influence and reaction becomes a series of bobs and weaves with those that are an influence to that bob or weave. He or she will continue to make the similar bobs and weaves with others, or find alternatives and make another pattern.

Regardless, they will bob, weave, or something else. So the only question really is whether someone is going to choose A, B, or C. Now, C is a variable, one that isn’t calculatable because it’s always going to be a variable. However, it’s more of what goes into the scenarios that make the thread of someone’s life, bob or weave. If Jane’s father is abusive, it may  A – make her afraid and timid. Or if B is chosen she is fighting and stronger than some of her female counterparts, or C, she finds an alternative. If John’s father is a doctor with high expectations of his son, John could feel A, B, or C.

So, you see there is a pattern, and when you combine those threads that interact with the others as they continue. Then to expand the view to include their threads, and their influencing threads, and their threads as well. You begin to see the particular patterns of a tapestry that we’ve continued to weave. Each individual, whether repetition or not, are continually weaving an intricate tapestry of the human existence.

If you can even imagine this tapestry, then you can imagine that your thread is among the others. Your thread does its own varied routines, just as those who’ve influenced yours had theirs. It’s a great pattern of dynamic intricate details of color each having their own meaning and purpose but in the great pattern of the tapestry, it becomes an art of life and existence. Can you imagine seeing this? If so, then maybe we can weave our own threads with better precision, maybe we can help others better find their places. Maybe we can simply weave our pattern and be just simply a part of the most intricate tapestry imaginable.

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