Grass is Always Greener

Have you ever been at a mall, or standing outside a mall and watched other people walking in and out, and thought “how lucky they must be, going shopping, not a care in the world. They must have it made” Or anything similar?  Then you’re guilty of the common fallacy of the singular perception. It’s easy to do. However, it’s not always greener on the other side, and we all know this. However it always is a case by case basis, or as I like to say, everything is situational.

We often believe money will solve so many of our problems, or believe that someone who was born wealthy might have it made. Where there is no easy life. There are only the challenges we individually face. You may believe their grass is greener than what you have but the truth is simply they stand on a different ground. One that has been made over the course of their life. They have sewn it, plowed it, and did what they could with it. The truth is you may believe they have greener grass – and maybe they do! However, just because someone’s grass is greener doesn’t mean they didn’t work their asses off for it.

The rich boy with lots of money may have extremely high expectations of him and his achievements. Or the young girl just in college has to try harder to concentrate and focus because she just doesn’t seem to understand Algebra, to the middle-aged man who has to find a way to pay for his rent after he lost his job. Doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are from. It’s not biased. Life is Challenging. For everyone.

If you could simply body swap – or in my previous analogy – hop the fence and switch with someone. Sure you may have greener grass then, but what you decide to do with that will still be a factor. As well, you didn’t put the foundational work into it. You didn’t decide to sacrifice your social life for higher education, or something like that. You didn’t make their decisions, they didn’t make yours. If you could switch you would quite literally be stealing someone’s work and effort. You would be stealing their life.

No. Everyone has what they have, they can’t switch. Although we often think we should all have “green grass”, the old saying “reap what you sew” is truer than many may anticipate. Life isn’t given freely to anyone. It is a struggle and who you choose to be and how you choose to act will be the work that creates your personal landscape. You may not care, but you will. You may work tirelessly and with a great amount of effort to keeping up on yourself. The choice is neither mine nor is it life’s. It’s your choice. You decide because it is only you and what you make for yourself. Life’s job is to throw the curveballs ya don’t see coming. Your job, to accept what can’t be changed, and move on with that you can.

Male, female, white, black, brown, foreign or otherwise doesn’t matter, you may be looking out at greener pastures, wondering why you don’t have it. The truth is, if you want to see why you don’t have what someone else does, look in a mirror. *(However, a special note, some things aren’t yours to have. You may not get blessed with the genetic lottery, you may not have different eye color. You can’t always get what you want.)

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