Freedom or Imprisonment

Do you think you’re free or do you know you’re locked in? Did you notice that the cell that you inhabit is one that doesn’t extend to others. We can see others in their cells. However you will never leave your cell. You’re stuck, imprisoned by reality. The reality being you are a collection of experiences, perceptions, and choices.

The view from your cell is that from your eyes. The sensations of your body are just more input as to the conditions outside of it. Your ears the speaker to your confinement. The truth is you’re imprisoned in your singular, individual mind. Only you and what you think, and feel. Overtime you begin to shape and create the confines of your mind. You begin to build barriers, and obstacles. As well as safe spaces, and hidden locations. The truth though is you will be behind the wall of flesh until you die.

This is reality. This is truth. However, how can one be free when stuck inside one’s mind. Do experimental drugs and go on some hallucinogenic trip? While science has proven this may be an effective way of expanding a mind, it isn’t what I recommend everyone do. There are other ways. We do so when we experience empathy. Unlike sympathy, empathy is a true understanding of someone’s feelings.

The empathy of others has been shown throughout history, and can more frequently be experienced by females who are often more in touch with their emotions. The word of the empathic is one from true understanding where sympathy is only a understanding from the proverbial cell. Not as deep, but still just as useful.

When the things are at their worst, you will often find the truth of people. This is also true, but it is those heroic few who go in when it’s dangerous for them, who do what needs to be done, and ask for more of themselves that display the greatest of what the human race can be. These are the few who’ve escaped for brief moments.

They didn’t think of themselves. The empath doesn’t think of themselves in the moment. The people who think selflessly are often subject to victimization and continual struggles, but those who do it when they can, and in the most needed moments are those that can escape the bounds.

It’s not really about you. It’s not about your neighbor either. It’s not about the President, or the Celebrity. It’s not about any individual. It’s about the collective whole of humanity. The fact that we all have a cell to overcome and break out of like a proverbial egg. The idea that service, and empathy, and selflessness are ways out of the proverbial cell would explain why the religious are often happier.

Take a moment to consider that you might be in your cell, when you are the most important thing in the world to you in your cell, it’s easy to think so cause you’re alone vs the world. However, when you think outside the box. Forget the idea of self for a moment, and do something that’s completely selfless, you feel good. Why? Because for just a brief moment you realized that it isn’t you in your cell.

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