Do you want equality? Does Equality really exist? Let’s look further into equality and what does it actually mean? When we search for equality what do we look for? Often the finding of inequality is followed by a sense of injustice. However why? Why does someone feel injustice at inequality? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines injustice as an absence of justice: violation of right or of the rights of another.   While inequality is defined as the quality of being unequal or uneven: such as social disparity, a disparity of distribution or opportunity, lack of evenness, the condition of being variable.

Now that we know the definitive version of those words, let’s ask again why does someone feel injustice when noticing inequality? Noticing injustice is something we all are trying to do. In a sense, we’re all “good people” trying do “good” in our lives. However what makes inequality so problematic? Well let’s look back on a couple of the larger cases where inequality was an issue.

For Black Americans, before the civil war, the issue of slavery was already an argument everyone was having. Britain abolished it before the U.S. did. in 1778, even Russia abolished slavery before the U.S. Congress did. After the Civil War (which wasn’t a war simply about slavery, it was a very complex issue.) Black people had to learn to integrate with a prejudice society, and most were not landowners to have a vote in elections. As well as the many terrible acts of society during the times of change many Black Americans had to face many hardships on their road for equality. They simply wanted the right to vote, to buy, sell, own, and to be free to go as the white men and women about their business. They wanted the right to go to college if it suits them, they just wanted to have their own equal rights.

The women before they had the right to vote wanted much the same. Just the right to do as the men and go to work, or college, or to buy, sell and own. These were the basic rights that were afforded to their white male counterpart. The truth is that even as they asked for the right to have equality, they only meant equal rights. Going back to the dictionary – they were unjustly unequal. This stemmed tides of change for both periods in history. Both have received rights that the white male couldn’t have. You don’t believe this? Take a quick look at Exhibit A, and Exhibit B.


If a white male has so much privilege then he must be able to afford it himself then shouldn’t he? Since all white males are so well off and in a state of luxury. Even the construction worker Joe is living in the lap of luxury to afford college. The idea here isn’t what is right or wrong – it’s to iterate the point that things have changed in equality. I am not saying to stop. I am not saying that these programs and Grants are bad. I am saying that there isn’t equality there, for anyone. It’s not even equality at birth.

The idea that people could be equal at birth is a flawed logic. Two sets parents of identical health give birth to identically healthy babies. Baby 1, and Baby 2. The Babies have already at this assumption equal footing. However, their bodies chemistry is not at all equal. Depending on what makes someone’s body chemistry it’s own unique blend, that is part of it’s genetic code. As well as the effects of what the mother ate, did, or anything during pregnancy. The multitude of possibilities go on and on.

However, if the case was that their body chemistry happened to even be exactly the same. The environment, and the baby’s perception of that environment will set them unequally apart especially over the course of even a year. Baby 1 crawled more or was free more, or whatever scenario, while Baby 2, had different times, different actions. This continues to differentiate who we are as people. This is why they kept referring to each unique individual. That is true. Equality per individual is not.

By our actions, some may judge us. How we are physically some would judge us. How we think some may judge. How we interact with others, some may judge. It doesn’t matter what, the judgements are there and will continue to be. We must understand our environment as human beings and deal to be in the best environment for our own survival. This is not an inhumane thing, it’s survival.

Imagine if you had to deal with the group you hate the most in a room for an indeterminate amount of time? How would you handle that mentally being stuck in an environment you dislike continually? It could get worse, or maybe it’s not as bad as you think, either way it’s not our most preferred option. So we avoid those things at recognition. Sight preferably, but then action, or thought might be. Still it’s a point of life. So we must not be equal, or otherwise we would be in that room with those we dislike without disliking anyone – we’re all so equal.

No, it’s our strengths and weaknesses that define a part of us. It’s how we choose to think and our levels of thought that define how smart we can be. It’s our actions that will define who we are more than simple words, but even words have use. It’s everything we are and do that makes us individually different and until someone just understands, it isn’t easier for anyone. No one should get “special privilege”. No one should be unequal – However, let’s look at one of the most equally set systems. It’s our Sentencing. Not to be confused with Laws, but the sentence for a crime is the same across the board, however judges have discretion.

In the case that every single individual who commits assault the law defines the sentencing protocol: If you’re charged with a basic assault charge – “common assault” – this can either be under: the Summary Offences Act 1981 (section 9), with a maximum penalty of six months’ jail or a fine of up to $4,000, or in more serious cases, the Crimes Act 1961 (section 196), which has a maximum penalty of up to one year’s jail

So again IF a judge were impartial and sentenced everyone the same exact sentence each time it shows the definite result. However, you can’t tally what it does for each individual sentenced. You can’t tally what it may cost them otherwise besides the monetary and time. You can’t distinguish value over what they lose by that. Course as they say don’t commit the crime, if you’re unwilling to do the time. So equal of us. We’re not equal, we never have been, nor will we be.



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