Be Your Own God

It’s a statement. It’s not a question of reality or metaphysical. It’s a statement plain and simple. However, words retain meaning and meaning gives words the credibility and definition to make statements powerful or weak. It’s a statement that I once thought long ago. I thought of this and didn’t fully understand it’s implication. To understand this I had to traverse the rabbit hole and find the truth about what I believe this means.

First, let me start by defining this is nothing against the Standard Christian God, anymore than it is to any deity. Those Gods are different and not human.  Why are they considered inhuman? Because they have capacities that exceed human potential. In Christianity, he’s omnipotent, which no human can ever be. In Greek myths, Zeus was immortal and more powerful than mortals, even to transform himself into others, including humans.  So God is inhuman. However it’s a potential that I believe Humanity capable of reaching.

What is God but an understanding of all things and the capacity to manipulate the material world? We, as humans, manipulated the material world by cutting down a tree and building a house. The fact is we are creation as “God” is. God can be destructive as he was in Christian belief to Noah, as we can be to that same house once built. The fact is that we’re already similar in the simplistic sense.

However, what really pushes bounds is God’s frame of mind. Being omnipotent he would know everything. Every secret, every feeling, everything as known, or unknown. That would give anyone the credibility to know what they are talking about. Have you ever heard a professor speak, or a doctor? Their expertise gives credibility and their speaking is more powered by that expertise. So there is a credibility to God. Then that’s also confidence. To know you have the answers. How could you not be confident?

The fact is that if you walked up and spat in the face of God, he could choose to react however he wished. Now that is interesting. What if you could do just that? If you could control yourself, and your emotions, and therefor your environment with that kind of presence. The world would be your oyster, or whatever proverbial metaphor suits you. That is the meaning of my be your own God. To be able to truly control your world because you control you.

No one is able to control your mind but you. You get a decision at every moment and it’s your decision every single time. No one can force you. Not even at gunpoint. It is your decision to do as you do.  It will always be your control. The cycles you find yourself in is entirely by your decisions. The position you are is within your control. However, to control your environment you must first control yourself. This is by far easier said than done.

The fact that your perception is your world, start by changing your perception of your world. After that you can begin to change your decisions. Continue to put thought and doubly ask yourself to re-assess the first answer. This is annoying and can be easily found as indecisive. The next step would be to commit. Commit to the choices you make without fail because the choice once made, can not be unmade. It’s stuck in the past as all things in the past are. The next step would be to understand the relationship of cause and effect.

Cause and effect. Everything is cause and effect. However, there is a large number of variables that go into the cause as there is a string of variables the effects. The fact that cause and effect is a simple version of saying everything you do matters. If you converse with the Cashier, and you’re mean, it has an effect. If you’re nice, it has effect. These are small minor, but everything over time with consistence create a person’s value of that particular day.

You can change these with every choice. You don’t have to let your pride overstep you when someone is mad at you. Maybe they have good reason. Maybe you don’t have to let your depression tell you how pathetic you are, because you don’t know your own value. You can change someone’s day, you can create a new idea. You will ultimately become a master of your environment because you are able to notice the changes, notice things that you didn’t before.

This would not be in a lifetime that one might reach the potential of “Be Your Own God”. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for that kind of potential. It would take continued effort over generations that can truly change the idea of what Humanity is. We could evolve because we are more than what we were once capable. We have a chance to work with others, and create things that we never imagined. We could find the truths of the universe because in that one idea, we also are driven with new purpose and understanding.

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