The Challenge

Have you been challenged? Have you faced hardship, and difficulty? If you have, or are, do you know it’s yours. The fact is life is a challenge and you get to overcome every one of them. Sometimes you may have support but sometimes, many times you don’t.  That is life. The challenge may be one you expected, most are ones you didn’t see coming. That is the nature of life to continue to challenge you. Not to break you, not to kill you, but to test us and our strength.

I find that since everything is situational, that includes many of my problems. I don’t have problems, I have situations. These situations are not easy. In fact it wasn’t until my later years that I realized my own fault to all my roads. There is a burden of responsibility that I must be in charge of. There is nothing in your life that you don’t have some part of responsibility to. I found out that many of my decisions and choices took me down road that were even harder than I thought. I created my own challenges by thinking and acting as I chose.

You and everyone else does the same. Somehow we’re often unaware of how we chose the path, and so often ask why. You need to look in a mirror and find your own responsibility to everything you’re dealing with today. Everything you have chosen in every way brought you through the events of your life. To this very moment, you make the choice to listen and internalize these words. Or not. You make the path.

The challenge is yours because you make them. You challenge yourself. The part that can be a trick is are you pushing against yourself? Is it you holding your own head down, or are you just blaming others? You face the challenges of life each day, something gives a reason to stop, quit, cry, break, scream, etc. You have every reason to want to do it the simple way and say “fuck everyone else”.

That mentality is also damaging to everything before you. Solidarity is not easier. It’s harder. Take it from a loner type. It doesn’t make it easier all the time. Support structures that friends and family create are important to everyone, without them, we can fall further, easier. You face the challenges, but that doesn’t mean others are not about. It’s a question of are you asking them to save you from challenges, or are you facing them yourself? Truth: No one can save you from challenges.

The biggest challenge is to know your responsibility, to be responsible, and do the more difficult task of being better than the challenges. Of being something greater than what you thought you were yesterday, or a year ago. To accept each challenge with a form of grace and fluidity that is like the river not minding a rock in it’s path. To push and push beyond your limit of comfort and simplicity to understand the truth in all it’s forms. You’re challenged to be better.

When I took a long time with my own introspection, I am willing to prove something. Not to you, but to life. That I accept any challenge it can give. I will survive until I don’t. Every day I survive will be a day I will try harder to be better. To do better. To communicate and to always stand up. To keep fighting for what I believe. I know that there is more to life than challenges. However, I want to be challenged. Its in the challenges that I create the most growth.

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