The Power of the Mind

Do you know how incredible the mind is? I am sure you have ideas. Although that’s really the trick isn’t it? That we only know our one perspective and believe the ways we believe, and thus a bias is created. But when we really dig at the mental prowess of the mind we get to see how incredible this magnificent tool is.

The mind is a tool. To think otherwise is foolish, and like any tool, the more it’s used the more proficient you become with it. For instance if a carpenter never used a hammer, then picked it up, he’d be horrible. However after practice, continued use, and even challenges, he would become more proficient with it. This is very much like our mind. Our brain does all the important stuff.

The mind and brain are two different things. The mind is the little “room” or the continued thinking at a “conscious level”. The brain is an automation routine of processes and neurons, and chemical exchanges. The fact is that the brain is an automated system controlling the body so when you want to move your arm, you move your arm. However, the amazing thing is sometimes there are bugs in the code. Certain allergies, hiccups, or other accidental functions can occur. In some cases they may lose functions entirely, or have no control over the functions that happen without the individual’s desire.

That’s the brain at work. The brain being the enforcement of action, and sometimes if we mistreat it, or it’s damaged, can really create problems in functionality. The brain holding so much of an importance that when we think Zombie – shoot for the brain. The brain is what makes things happen. It’s the control center that your mind sets in. Getting visual, audio, and sensory feedback that the mind decides upon.

The mind being you. You have a choice. You are the one in the control. Unless mentally you are truly broken in ways that isn’t the case, you are the one responsible. You shape your mind everyday of your own life without realizing you’re doing it. You shape your biases, you shape your emotional intelligence, and what intelligence you will settle with. You decide whether you learn, or don’t. You decide every factor of the body, it’s intake, how it can function. You decide the fate of your very life.

Your mind has that for it. The power of you. Your decisions. Your choices. This is an amazing ability and power. Do you even understand? Think of every book in the library, every book in the world, add every Television show, movie, and music. This was all created by minds, many of minds forming stories, emotions, and conveying information in various ways. This is byproducts of individuals willing to think. To imagine. That is the second power of the mind.

Imagination. We had it when we were children. Able to visualize lava over floors. To build castles out of forts of blankets. We imagined a world we wanted to believe in. We could imagine so much in our youth and we were so simple. How funny that as we age many lose that ability of the mind to imagine. It’s a talent for some, but imagination accounts for much of the delusions, and hallucinations. Imagination is how we dream nightly during REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

The imagination of our mind is so vast it even has the ability to create universes. Not quite literally but in the imagination anything is possible. Now if we could only apply our imaginations to reality, then we would be God. Before you cry blasphemy, understand that is the truth of the power of God(s), Allah, whatever your beliefs – the truth: The power of god is limitless as the imagination is limitless.

That being said we have the imagination to create, to invent, to dream of worlds, and futures, and all variety of life. With that and an applied mind, you can create the world. You can build and shape your future. We are limited by the fact that your willpower and your belief works for only you. You can not impose them on others. If the will of another is being stifled, or hindered, or held down – be braced for backlash. Everyone will decide for themselves.

They will decide their fates. They will decide their lives, their plight, there own personal heavens or hell. Some will have a very fragile world, some will have solid foundations, everyone gets to choose, the first most powerful part of the mind. This is not something that anyone can actually take from you. I still get to choose even if you have a gun to my head. You get the power of the mind in two profound ways.

Imagination, and choice. What can you do with that? Can you change your perception? Can you change your direction in life? Can you change the world? Can you change the way that you think? Can you stop the cycles? Can you break the proverbial chains and free yourself from the confinement that had you? Limitless potential.

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