The Divide

Are you seeing a strange division occurring? There is a strange separation in people in America lately. This division is not as simple as white or black, or left vs right. It’s gone to many different subjects but the strange truth behind it is more of what I would like to point out. There seems to be a division in people here, and I can’t be certain if it’s occurring elsewhere, but maybe you can tell me.

The division isn’t just about particular subject matters from equal rights, to abortion, or any other divisible subject matter, it’s one of Logic versus Emotion. We’ve promoted emotion so much that it’s become held up as more validation than logic to some. This horrible sense of entitlement can happen from either side, but the fact that anyone let let one override another is dumb.

There will always be a need for emotion and logic. There needs to be a balance between the two quarreling sides of humanity. The sides are arguing for their sides but emotion can not understand logic, any more than a logic can be applied to emotion. It’s not going to work out in the fact that the emotions of humanity must be reigned in by logic, reason, and thought. If left unchecked it can become mob mentality to straight out Fascism. This kind of thinking can easily be justified by logic or reason, but that doesn’t give it the actual title of being the “Right Choice”.

We must as individuals reasonably internalize information, we should do our own diligence in understanding the complexities in the subject matter. This is to better understand the facts, the problem, and the variables within it. Then come to a conclusion. If your emotions are in line with logic, this is easy, but if they are differentiated we must take more of a process to understand if the emotional part of the equation is valid or if it is just illogical or unreasonable.

For instance, a war General has a moment to either send a squad of SEALs into combat or withdraw. The choice has to be made with tactical thought, with an understanding of the consequences either way, a choice must be made with the clearest understanding of details. The General may have apprehension about sending these men into a conflict they may not survive, maybe not, but if he does have an emotional reservation, he must come to terms with that to make the decision he does.

That is a constant prevailing way of the nature of humanity. Internalize everything. However when we think we’re filled with emotion, or knowledge, we can no longer move forward as we have filled all we can. There is no more room for growth and overtime it will stagnate. You must always realize that there are complexities that are beyond a simple face value.

Everything has a detailed complexity, the ecosystem, society, people, individuals, animals, and more are complex. There is so much to know, and even though we are at a point in history unlike any point before it. Knowledge at fingertips, and information at a press of a button. We can simply have so much but every single thing you find will have a more complex history, and information about it.

For instance, the human brain, some think it’s just an organ like the heart, when you take a Neurology class you break it down further to Neurons, Dendrites, Soma, Axons, Meylin Sheath, Terminal Buttons, Sensory Neurons, Interneurons, Glial Cells, and more. The brain becomes a complex organ of many different structures, and events. That is what I mean by something simple being infinitely more complex. There is more to every detail of any one of those, and what it’s supposed to do. There’s more to everything and we’re still researching, testing and left with many questions.

That is what science is trying to do. Take something as simple as “Why is the sky blue” and having an answer, which then begs the repetitive question, “why”? We can continue to ask, and so we logically drive for an answer that has absolution because it can be reproduced. Logic has always had a necessity within the human framework, but it isn’t till the later century that people have had the ability to let their emotional part be the voice.

This is dangerous territory as emotion doesn’t always have validation like logic can. It can stem from illogical and unreasonable things. For instance the kid throwing a controller into their Plasma Screen TV because a game. That didn’t have logic behind it, there was no real cause to have the extreme of breaking a television over a momentary problem or issue. That is what has become a danger. Emotional maturity is something that is achieved by achieving a semblance of control over the emotions.

If you have no emotional maturity, the outburst of emotion will continue and have no logical grounding. Here we are years from the points of discipline and self-esteem issues and things have become a place where people are demanding that emotional value be held up for a higher regard than logic. I even heard a girl say that we need to throw away all our scientific understanding and try again from the perspective of people like a small tribe that believe they can cause Lightning to strike down their enemy. This doesn’t sound reasonable, or logical.

While I may make it clear I don’t stand on emotional value, there is a need for it. We can’t be 100% logical. We’re human and we have emotions for reasons. Those can be very helpful. But only when it’s applied through a course of internalization, reasoning and logic. Still some will justify the emotional response. I believe in having an equal run at the opportunities out there, but when we ask for equal outcome because they’re suffering, it becomes an emotional value, not a logical one.

No one gets equal outcome, no one gets that gift of a life that is easy. No one has a life that was literally handed to them with ease, and no trouble. To think otherwise is foolish, and you must understand that to get to the next part of your life. You want to make the next step? Think about it, internalize everything and question it’s validity. No matter what, even if it’s these very words.

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