The Place Inside

In a previous blog I wrote called Freedom or Imprisonment, I go over the fact that we’re stuck inside the prison of our minds. The other part of this is that if this is the case than we build the prison inside ourselves to suit ourselves. The place inside your mind is built with a structure and furnishings that you have in your way decided to build. You sit within your prison with a sense of comfort, because if you’re going to be imprisoned inside your mind it may as well be comfortable.

The question I wonder about many is what their mind is like. So often it seems like a scattered space of emptiness, thoughts, memories, and feelings. However it’s not like a void space with floating randomness, although for some it may seem like that. It’s more like an entire home, you get to build a space inside yourself that is as comfortable for you to be as the place you go to rest your head.

Many are not comfortable with the exterior of their “home”, worrying about anything on the exterior is much like a normal home of maintenance and upkeep. The interior is one that others don’t fully see or ever actually “go inside”. They are stuck in their own, so the truth is that we’re alone inside that place. So we’re not minding the disarray, like clothes all over the place, or the mess in a sink. We have no one else to mind, but the truth is that is just a form of laziness, even in your own mind.

What you have built also matters. I have also talked about the duality of the mind in Logic versus Emotion. The duality has a role in the building of the home. For instance in a standard home in reality, logic would state where the beams are, the foundations, the load-bearing walls etc. While emotion is what is used to decorate the interior, a blue room, a marble counter-top etc. These are the way we do it in our mind to a similar degree, but because we don’t need to worry about physics or gravity, we can build whatever we imagine.

This inner place can be multi-floored and yet one floor. Impossible. It’s not bound by reality, so that gives limitless possibilities. If emotion has more of an influence to the person then walls can be built through justification by logic. This would be like slapping mud and rocks together and trying to make it work as a wall. It can work, but it also can be weaker because of it. The emotional walls need logic to justify it’s setups, and bolster it’s resilience.

While the contrary, logic walls are solid and founded with a fact or grounding and so it becomes something stronger than it’s counterpart. Then the individual decorates their interior with their personal emotions. This is something I have found in people that their walls are a importance, we all have them, we all need them to some degree. The question of those are their ability to be what we need them to be. Are they sound in structure that should our world be shaken, we don’t have it crumble down on us. (Although sometimes this can be unavoidable.)

We have lavished ourselves or berated ourselves and therefor creating an environment inside our minds, sometimes people chain themselves, or in some cases even crushing themselves on the inside because they feel they can’t express themselves. There are some who are confused at the home they are even building and continually tear it apart to rebuild and tear it down again. The cycle continues for most but it’s more like additional rooms, and area. Though that is okay, it’s another to cycle the entire structure that is the place inside.

You should consider for a moment that your mind is that home. What would you have made inside it? What are the pictures (memories) on the walls? Happy? Mad? Sad? What are your walls made from, logic or emotion? Are you even willing to look inside? Maybe you’re one of those who are too fearful to look inside yourself for a truth, and takes an even bigger strength to admit truths that may not want to be revealed. The truth is that the place inside your mind is one where the control is yours, the way it is structured is yours, and how you navigate it, yours. That is the one place that is free to be you.

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