Talga Vassternich

This title is a line from a poster for Winston Churchill during World War II, but I got it from a book series by Terry Goodkind. The phrase is in another language called High D’haran and is translated to “Deserve Victory“. Do you know what this means? Do you understand the phrase and why it is so simply powerful? Well I would like to go over it anyways because it means a great deal.

Deserve Victory. It means to deserve victory, deserve to win, deserve. The character in the book series was named Richard, and he had to endure a war between two large groups of people (kinda like two countries going to war). This war was brutal, vicious, bloody and was inevitable. The cost was high and so Richard had to decide many hard decisions. What he told his men was that they needed to deserve victory, to be more deserving because his army would not only uphold ideals and values that were supported by the people he was protecting, but also that they would push harder, give more, and do more than their enemies. That was what he meant when he said it.

However do you realize this phrase can be used in your life? Deserve victory. Do you want that promotion? Do you want the life-style of lavish comfort? Maybe you just want something simple, but in whatever you want in your life – deserve it. Don’t just do the minimal. Don’t be willing to let it go easily, or to give up. It’s too easy to give up on dreams (mind dreams that are realistic or at least realistically possible). It’s easy to give up and let go of the things we want but may not get.

It’s easy to fall into complacency and a sense of comfort. Do not be lulled to stay there, push yourself. Push further. You can reach heights you may not have believed. You can change your life, you can control your life. But in all things you do, you should strive to deserve victory. Desire victory over your demons, victory of accomplishment of your goals, victory in what you do, and who you want to be. You can be victorious but only if you deserve it more. Push.

It’s not easy for anyone to challenge themselves, or face the hardships and darkness. It’s just a part of life and that will happen. You should not stay a victim. You need to know that victory is within you. Within your grasp. However if you want that victory, you need to deserve it more. That means not only through effort, but through modeling a behavior that is supported by others. The more support the easier the victory.

Do you have that support? If not maybe you’re standing on the wrong side of something. Maybe you’re not doing so great? Maybe? If you don’t have that support it’s a question you should ask yourself that maybe the problem lies with you. Sometimes people push others away, sometimes they fear others, or others they just want to be left alone till they are. This is all one of those behaviors that will only continue to cycle that lack of support. You and I need support. Everyone does. Don’t fool yourself.

We’re all looking for approval. We’re all looking to show ourselves as valuable and valued. We all want to be valid. We all want to be loved, appreciated, and cared about. If this is the case than the best advice to offer is deserve it. Deserve victory, in your life you must always strive to be the more deserving. Only then will you find victory. And should you fail, do not let failures stop you from continuing your own journey. Those who are victorious do not let failure stop them. Deserve victory.

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