The Butterfly Effect

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? If you haven’t it’s a noun meaning the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. Regardless do you believe in it? Do you understand the complexity life and time? These are so complex that according to Chaos Theory the tiny impact of a butterfly flapping it’s wings may be the eventual cause of a tsunami across the world. 

Wait, what?! That sounds ridiculous! How could that be a possibility? Well in the idea of the butterfly and the tsunami, it is a factor of the very flaps of the wings could cause particles in the air to move, moving others, and through a chain of events causes a tsunami. This is one little extreme to a large extreme but that is to iterate the cause and effect paradigm.

Cause and effect. This is a constant. There is no action without a reaction. Newtons 3rd law of physics. This is concrete. Everything has an effect, positive or negative. Every choice you make continues to become a chain of events that changes events of those also in the same environment. For instance, a car drives in front of you, cutting you off, this causes you to brake from your current momentum to a slower pace to avoid a collision. This was cause and effect, this was action and reaction.

The fact is that this is the first part of understanding the Butterfly Effect. It’s necessary to understanding your own choices have consequences (positive or negative). The choices you make have chain reactions, ones that may or may not be major ripples. You don’t get to decide how the impact is made. You only decide what kind of impact it will be. You get to make the first move that way, and what ripples out is not up to you but those around you.

If you tell a cashier she’s beautiful just trying to make her day, it may effect her mood which effects her workday, it also effects her co-workers and interactions with them. Maybe because she’s in a better mood she makes someone else’s day better, and so on. The ripple may dissolve to insignificance, but that is not your choice, it’s theirs. The truth is that every action continues to make ripples.

For instance if I were to travel back in time, and talk to a lady for an hour. A simple action back in time would/could have drastic consequences. The reason this is drastic changes is because my involvement in the woman’s life where it had not occurred prior would completely change the chains. Because I tell her things that are from my points of view it may change her thinking. Which changes her from who she was. Because she spent an hour conversing her schedule she had previously been on is changed. The chain doesn’t stop there.

Because someone sees us in the park, they may have had a different thought than they would’ve seeing the empty bench. Because I was there it changed their thought through the day. Which changes everything. Continue the chains in possibilities, maybe someone is needing to have talked to her at work, and she missed that conversation, maybe someone she saw on the street to help didn’t get that little assistance. The chains and possibilities are all changed by my involvement at even the most minimal detail.

This is what it means for the Butterfly Effect. It’s an important part of the world where we are constantly rotating the chains. There is a continual change like slots of a lock that seems to continually change configurations, and multiple pins and gears. The point is that the function of this machine is to drive a future that we all have made over time. The continued chances to create something better or worse.

This is the truth of the Butterfly Effect. You’re the butterfly, with the ability to be cognizant of our effects. We have every opportunity to see, feel, think about the consequences of our actions. Those consequences have chain reactions, most especially in this world. You have the chance to see the effect of your actions, and you can change the actions to be whatever you want them to be.

You may think something all you want, but until it becomes action, it has no bearing to the world other than you. Once it’s in action it sets into motion the chain of events. So, I ask you what action are you making today? Who are you going to be? What kind of ripple do you send into the world around you each day? Look at your own pattern of events, look at yourself and see that you have a chain of consequences; that you are connected to every single person around you. You can change their chain of events. What kind of impact you make will always be your choice.


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