It’s a worrisome time when the Truth of things can be so buried it becomes labeled something other than truth. When truth can be called hate, it can be called misogyny, rape-apologist, racism, sexism, even feminism. The truth about Truth is that it is also a tool, it’s meaning and use can be used for good or bad. Irony of human choice.

We choose how we use the truth. We don’t tell everyone about our every truth, and it isn’t released at all times, in most “respectable societies” many truths are covered up. Such as distaste for someone, or sexual urges. This is where it becomes a little bit of an unconventional thing. It’s been so long covered that some people when experiencing the revelation of truth are either smashed to pieces, or liberated.

If I tell someone the asphalt is black, and the sky is blue, these are easily distinguishable truths, but when it comes to opinionated topics, such as is a transsexual a man or woman the truth becomes convoluted by opinion. Not just your own, but of the environmental as well (IE: Friends, family, media, social circles, etc.). So that stating the opinion in the wrong setting can cause a great many problems. If the truth is something of a nature where it can be valued with opinion it has so many conflicting points  of views that the truth of things is lost in the midst.

What is even more interesting is that Ben Shapiro was quoted to say once, “facts don’t care about your feelings”. This statement of the fact, also did not care about feelings. However feelings can be attached to truths and when that happens it causes many problems for any side of the argument. Facts are truth. Statistics are a loose guide to understanding a better truth than either singular perception, or polling everyone of the nature that the research would be investigating. So we use statistics as fact but those are not fully fact either, they are a loose based truth.

Why I say statistics are loose based truth is because the actual truth of people, or their opinion, is not always going to be the truth. For example, if I survey women between the ages of 30-45 and asked them if they are happy in their marriage, there is a statistical number I can provide from their answers. However, there is an problem in that how many of the women told their truest answers? How many of them were unhappy because of small things that might be a problem at the time, or were just unhappy because of their own depression, or were unhappy because they were mad that morning? While there may be a small variable to those from the actual revealed statistic my point is that there is more to the statistic.

So what is truth? Like science, it needs to be able to be proven over and over. If the truth is and can be replicated to a degree that it is factual and therefor truthful. We can solidify that as our groundwork for what we call reality. Reality Check is that truth giving someone a big wake up from some “dream” or “lie”. The fact is that the truth is exactly what we need to know, understand, and uphold.

We can’t be so afraid of seeking it. From within, or externally we need to know the actual truth of things. We must go into the darkness and reveal the truth, and that can’t be shut out, or be lied about. The most damaging thing we can do is to hide the truth with lies, and fear. Then it becomes forbidden and uncouth to reveal truth. That shouldn’t be the case. If you can not find growth and value in revealed truths than we commit ourselves to living lies and staying afraid. The truth is hard.

That is just a small sliver of truth. So much about it is even still blurred by opinion, and mystery of unknown. My only recommendation is for every single individual, is to not only be willing to face the truth no matter what dark corner it may lead, but be willing to find it out for yourself. You can’t force someone to see the truth, it must be uncovered for each individual. Find the truths out for yourself in any topic, any thought, or opinion. These truths will only help you establish a better ground for you own opinion and life. The choice is, and will always be your own.


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