This is something that I think this day and age is lacking, accountability. This is just a sense of being responsible but it’s more than that. It’s more than the word even implies as it asks for things that are much more introspective, than looking outward. This is a thing that has a weight attached like a heavy iron ball and chain.

The fact about accountability is much like responsibility, you can shirk it but it will regardless be there with or without your consent. You are responsible for your choices, and actions. You are accountable for your choices, and your actions. Regardless of your desire to or not, these will continue to be the case. You may not understand, but there is absolutely an accountability for your choices in life.

When I make a choice to go to work, versus not go to work, I will have an accountability to the choice. If I go to work, I trade my time and effort for a wage. I don’t go to work, I do not have a wage and I may even lose a job if needing to be there. The fact is that accountability is already something you have. Many people just haven’t accepted their own accountability and responsibility.

There are far too often those who are willing to act as if they have no responsibility. They act as if everything is owed, or that somehow injustice has kept them from it. It’s a form of blaming anyone but themselves for the situations they have found themselves in. They continue to hate life, or despising others, and continue to stir up problems for themselves because they will lack the awareness to take in account their own responsibility, and accountability.

To take on responsibility is to say that you’re not a victim of what happened to you but that you are in part a reason it happened. If I drive on my lunch to my nearby burger joint and get in an accident, I have responsibility to all the choices that led me to that conclusion. Regardless of fault of accident, it’s a reality that my choices are tied with yours. If I continue to make certain choices it can ripple through to change yours. Such as if in that same case, I run a red light, and you are now faced with possibility of turning before the accident. Hence I have made a choice that is directly affecting yours.

The directness of this is easy to see, but when it’s indirect it’s harder. But that truth at the heart of it is that I chose. I make decisions that I am going to to be responsible for regardless of my perception. I am simply stating that regardless of personal desire or perception reality states that I am responsible for my actions (choices are put into action). There are times where you may believe you’ve gotten away with something, and maybe you did, but there is an accountability to that anyway. You get to bear the weight of that action regardless.

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