The Darkness Within

Right now depression is rampant. So is pain-killer (opiates) abuse. Maybe these are linked to some degree. Where someone I know is continuing Electro-shock treatments to stop himself from feeling suicidal. The idea that there is a problem with depression and suicide. My sister committed suicide. I have felt the pain and agony of depression to the points of putting a gun in my own mouth. There is darkness.

However, at a time where there is so much to feel depressed about, it depends on your own perspectives. You can look out at the world and think of all the terrible deeds that go on within. You can imagine all the pain being caused. You can see the dark part of the world but when you’re looking at the world in a view of darkness, don’t be surprised when it begins to seep in.

It becomes a point of subtly poisoning yourself over time. The more you look, the more you see, the more you feel. This continued persistence to see the worst can not be a maintained view. The human mind does need to take breaks, it needs to be relieved from it’s continued exhausting pain. So, pain-killers, marijuana, prescription meds, etc. However there are other ways that the mind conceives of release.

There is lashing out externally, in a way this is the concept of bully mentality. Where the inner self is at turmoil with (Let’s just say) homosexuality. His inner self is conflicted and in pain so he releases by lashing out, and whom better than the very people who represent that inner turmoil the most. In the case of something else, it could easily be a Gay person who struggles with their own inner self, lashing out on a straight individual. There is no winning when there is no balance from within.

The darkness of depression needs light. Balance. This can be hard to do, but your perception of how you see the world must change. When looking at the world you can also choose to see the people who made sacrifices for the betterment of others. (IE: Soldiers, Firefighters, police, etc.) There are those who do it without calling, and without self regard. 9-11 had people from all walks of life entering into danger and risking their own lives to save someone in need. There are people that do good, that make the world better. The idea is to see that continually, beyond the scope of darkness.

I don’t believe someone should only witness the light as that leans too far the other way and they do not recognize the real darkness when it’s right in front of them. This is a balancing game for you. You must equalize yourself, equalize the way you see the world with doses of darkness and light, and maintain it to the best of your ability. That balance is something that is missing and when you imbalance you will attempt to correct in a variety of ways.

There is no greater need from within is to find a harmony of self. To find yourself at a point of openness and need to balance by changing your own perceptions continually. This is one of the greatest factors for staving off that darkness within. There are so many ways that people can choose to balance themselves. The question I have for you is will you?

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