What If Game

What if we didn’t think about what if? What if Hitler had won World War II? What if I had chosen “A” instead of “B”? What if people were different then the are now? What if we never had a hippie movement? What if the Sun were blue? What if the only way we could see was Ultra-violet spectrum? What if we didn’t invent tools?

The endless abyss of the What If Game. It can go on and on, and there’s no stopping. While it provokes imagination and hypothesis it doesn’t ever offer conclusion except in one way. That’s if you play the What If Game in a future reference and not a past. You can’t change the past, you can change your future.

So, what if I were to make my own platform to stand? What if I get that particular promotion? What if I were to do the extra work to get that promotion? These kinds of what if questions spurs possibilities to open. While if you look back at past events and ask that you get nothing, and go no where. The past is immutable. You will never change it and even asking what if in a past tense is a guess.

You guess at what someone may or may not react with, which again chains in profound and different ways that changes the what if game for the endless spiral. Bear with the following example as I will just speculate: What if I had not been hit by that car as a pedestrian when I was awaiting to go to boot camp. Well then I would’ve gone to boot camp and would’ve attempted to prove myself there as much as I could. What if the guys I was with didn’t like me? What if the drill sergeant didn’t like me? What if I broke my leg during a particular course? What if I went to war? And on and on I can trail the what ifs.

There is no changing my past. I can’t change what happened and doing so who knows what I would’ve become, what ways it would’ve changed me. The imagination can run wild. However this is also a theory when it comes to “multi-verse”. Regardless you only live in the moment of now, every moment continues to solidify itself into history and immutability. You could try to dream the what if but the game can never stop and so you’re wasting those valuable moments questioning what may never be.

That is the What If Game, it’s a game with yourself that if you play, there’s no end to where it could go. Its a way to distract from the things that may be more useful. It’s a dreamers realm and one where possibilities are infinite. While we all must visit the dreamer within ourselves, we also must realize when we’ve caught ourselves in a What If Game while we are. If our mind was as it was often called “a mind palace” this room would be a room of infinite probability. One where when you open the door is a ever changing and ever expansive room that you can quite literally get lost in.

What if you didn’t play that game for the past, but instead dream your future. Envision it within the realms of possibility and how to achieve those dreams can only promote your direction. It promotes your growth. It can promote your dreams, and your own feeling of success. To play what if for a moment of what I can do in the future, is how we set goals, it’s our true desires and needs. However like all things, it is up to you. We all have a choice individually, and so if you play the What If Game, I suggest you leave it relative to your own choices, and abilities.

You may have support, you may have others to lean on or count on. But there it is up to them and who’s to say they will have that ability when you need it. Their support, their help can be most beneficial if you’re already done most the effort. You have the control of your own life and if you can dream remotely realistic, you can obtain big dreams. That is a true power of what the actual What If Game is. Do you decide to distract yourself and look back and play What If? Or are you looking forward and asking yourself “What If”?


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