The Cornerstones

I have four cornerstones to all I believe and all I am. These stones are Truth, Balance, Choice, and Respect. No stone is more valuable than the other as each require it’s other to be a more effective piece. These are my pillars of life that I hold each person to and gain an understanding about people from.

Looking closer at each of the corners here is an understanding that there is a way to deal with the world around us that continues to find a perfect pattern that allows for all scenarios. However, I may glance over these cornerstones as a reference and not in depth as far as they could go for the sake of brevity.

The lens of Truth:
The idea of truth is widely misunderstood. The truth is not something that can be opinionated, it can’t be debated, those are issues with sides. Often the truth is obscure and sometimes subjective. More often the Truth is reality. The unchangeable facts. For instance it’s True that I am unable to turn back the hands of time. The truth is the hardest to look at and the most damaging if used carelessly. Truth is often one that we shy from as society continues to want a moderate form of obliviousness. For instance we don’t go around to strangers sharing when we’re horny, or on our period, etc. Truth needs to be dug from the depths of different sides/angles and understanding to bring about the closest relative of truth as we can possibly get.

The value of Respect:
The idea that people have a value of respect. They desire it, they want it, they need it, even crave it. Respect is something of exceeding value but is not often considered when thinking about the fact it is most often earned. The respect we give pets, or even inanimate objects can be so high and valued or be low and mistreated, but when you have it for anything you are more easily able to earn it. Reciprocal. It’s a matter that respect should be given in order for it to be received. If you respect little to nothing, do not expect it to be given in return. For instance would you have someone come over to your home if they showed no care about your belongings, your cleanliness, your values, or you in general?

The point of Balance:
The centrifugal point of balance is a need. We need to understand that there is good and bad. There is positive and negative. The understanding that balance is a requirement for health in any shape or form. Health of finances is a balancing of money. Health of mind is a balanced mind. Health of body is balanced diet. That is the most true of things in this world that need to understand our own personal balancing act. We’re all so very different in ways and we have different points to balance from. Finding the balancing point for yourself is the beginning. The walking with harmony and complete understanding of Balance is the next. If you wanted help to understanding balance better I recommend The Tao (Chinese philosophy).

The final Choice:
What a marvel is choices. I am so inspired by choices and knowing every individual has one of their own. To be open and to know what choices people make under every various scenario. To think about what choice represents and how we so easily take it for granted. We often give it over as if it were someone else’s or blame some external forces for our own decisions. Even if we didn’t know that was the ultimate result, it is often unconsidered what our own choices lead us to. When we review our choices through life and know that accountability is held in various ways. You’re responsible for the choices you make regardless of what you believe. The accountability will happen because those whom make bad choices often find themselves living a hard/bad life. Those whom make better decisions often find an ease or comfort to their life. You get every decision to make for yourself and one should always take the chance to make the choice for themselves.

* * * *

While the idea of these cornerstones is simplistic and offers a whole variety beneath the surface; I only ask that you consider the world, and yourself with this in view. To look at the reality that these are cornerstones that can be used to build your own life to whatever you choose it to be. That is an amazing ability. You can choose everything you get to do, believe, and (mostly) think. The lives we live offer opportunities in various ways to apply one of the cornerstones and if you apply each with the other you can find that life will open to you in a new way. But you are always free to choose for yourself.



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