Abundance versus Scarcity

Have you considered your perception is wrong? Sometimes we really should. Often it is easy to fall complacent to our world view. Sometimes it’s so established that it becomes a fear to even think in opposition. However there is a viewpoint that can change your life. It’s one of simple Abundance versus Scarcity.

Do you know which side you subscribe to? In Scarcity, it is a matter of never having enough. It’s that idea that there isn’t enough to go around, it’s a thinking that sets a stage to be one where it’s everyone for themselves. To think there is not enough opportunities, to think that there’s a limit. To believe in something that only has finite options. There is a lot more to the idea of scarcity.

While abundance lies in opposition. The idea that there is more than enough, there are no limits. There is always opportunities. The idea that there is no lack of anything. There are plenty of reasons to see an abundance mentality. In many ways and things there is an abundance of. However when looking at the world through my own eyes I see them both. I see the places scarcity is true, but more commonly there is an abundance. We as humans have so much ability to create.

The idea of creation is limitless while destruction no matter what form continues to have the same end result. Regardless the concepts of their equivalence is still true. They need to balance to continue a cycle of real growth. For instance the Hawaiian Islands were made from volcanic ash and magma over time to create lush and vibrant life along the islands.  From destruction came creations.

While in the same ideal we should learn to destroy segments of past beliefs, or parts of ourselves that we no longer believe, or that do harm to ourselves/others. We need a balance and in the mentality of scarcity versus abundance, it is important to understand that there is both. To know certain limitations exist is not a weakness, nor is believing there is no limit, a strength. Both have flaws. It’s because everything is situational.

In one way, or one scenario, you should see that there is a limit, there is a reason that scarcity exists. For instance, if I am in a race with 20 other people. There is a placement of winning. In order to compete and have a driving healthy competition you must know that there is a scarcity of winners. The competitive nature demands that this be at the forefront of your mind as you desire to win, you desire to be hailed as winner and so you push yourself to do so. The scarcity of a certain availability of things can be healthy. If used for the purpose of driving you for a better outcome.

However, when people are commonly pitting themselves in a way of scarcity toward money, or opportunity than they are not understanding that abundance. They don’t realize that opportunities exist in so many profound ways and the only limitation being your mind and willingness to do it. I knew someone at the shelter (a good friend of mine) whom decided he would use $10 to buy some goods from a dollar store, and would sell them around the shelter. Anything from drinks to deodorant he was able to make enough to start surviving on the residual money.

There are those in poor and impoverished countries whom sell their services in all sorts of ways, from home care, to picking up groceries, to making necklaces out of their own hair. There has been a wide variety of opportunities for everyone to be able to find their own path. The scarcity doesn’t offer this opportunity. It closes the doors on all those opportunities, and offers a pittance in return. This abundance mindset is healthy, where that scarcity now became unhealthy.

Trying to understand the balance is from you. Nobody can balance you, but you. You should consider the other side sometimes, you should be able to change your perception to view the world under both lenses. You can make changes, even small ones over time will get you the direction you want to go. The whole process of making your perception open wider is a choice. You can choose to see the world through whatever perception you wish, so again I ask, what do you choose?

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