Balancing Act

If you had a teacher show you two different buckets of water and told you to put equal amounts of water in both buckets, seems easy enough. It is not, and more especially when it’s effected by other things. You see in the analogy of the buckets you might visually be able to measure which has more. This provides you a quick measurement but what if the water levels weren’t easily distinguished?

What if the buckets were two different sizes? Let’s just assume that they were clear, and the water was clear, and you did visually see the disproportionate amount between them easily. You may pour one into the other, or maybe you just add outside water attempting to equalize it. If they were on scales to weigh out each after you’d find you maybe added too much or too little to equalize.

Now this again is easy to rectify when the situation is easy, and not complex. A place where environment can’t influence the situation (which is why science tries to use controlled environmental factors for tests). You see if the measurements were exactly the same for both buckets, environmental factors could contribute to inequality, for instance one is just under the light of sun more than the other, and so may have evaporation contributing to a new unequal distribution.

As long as the experiment continues, the environmental factors have chance to make things unequal. For instance, have you ever watched a tightrope walker walk across the tightrope? Do they stay perfect the entire way? No they continually monitor their balance and act in accordance to maintain the balance required to stay on the rope. If they do this during a windy, rainy, snowy, or otherwise day, their ability to control their own balance dwindles with the change of environment and the severity of the conditions.

This is much like our lives. We attempt to balance one way and another part may become unbalanced. It’s a continual struggle to continue to maintain such balancing acts. However, making the balance even if close helps to maintaining a life that is well rounded, balanced, healthy. You could try to balance every aspect of yourself but the more you try to equalize the balances the more unequal it will become over time. The more you stress trying to maintain balance the more harm you end up doing.

So, how to balance all aspects? How to maintain a balance? You simply can’t control everything. You need an allowance for the environmental factors outside of your control, as you need to recognize the things you can. Which mainly is you. You can control you, what you do, what you say. You get the opportunity to try to maintain the equality by providing each situation a clearer and better chance at being more balanced than otherwise.

Take the time to measure. Each situation merits different potential action. With the idea that we can visually see the proverbial buckets of water, it’s a measurement made easily. However measure what can’t easily be seen, measure the future, measure the outcomes and potential outcomes or repercussions. Are they what you want out of that situation? Sometimes you may have to even think outside yourself to the consideration of those around you.

Too often too little consideration is given these days. However it’s also one of the elements to creating a better balance. Consider the proportions of what you’re attempting to balance. Consider what the effect may have when attempting to shift the balance. Consider what it may even do over time with the environmental factors as well. All this considering may take time, which is why big decisions should be given time to consider.

The idea of balancing your life is really up to you. Sometimes it can be contrary to what you want. Such as not making a buying decision that would be bad for you, or going to work on Monday. The idea of balancing yourself is an attempt to recognize the need for that balance, or harmony in your life, and only you live with you. You must find your own inner peace to find that peace in life. When you find that balancing point and you take the steps to balance your life, you may find that peace finds you.

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