Do you hear voices inside your head? Maybe similarly to those insane lunatics that talk about them, or worse – to them? Maybe, it’s just your own voice talking to you. So, if that is true about the voices, than what is you, and what are the voices? The curious talk of the mind is often what most people don’t take into account.

Our mind is talking. Talks nonstop about all sorts of input depending on what you’ve trained it to hone in on. You see we can desensitize ourselves to sounds and other various things. The same works for sensations, and even thoughts. What we trained ourselves to be interested in, or to make the “forefront” of thought. Sometimes we stuff the thoughts down, into a recess of our mind – sometimes hoping it doesn’t come back to the surface.

The fact is your brain is talking all the time. It has so much to tell you in regard to what to think, and what you feel, both physically and mentally. The question that drives this is where are you? The you that is inside I figure sitting in the center of it all, over time you have established more parts to you, but the you inside at the root of it all is what psychologists call the Id or Ego. I will for the sake of ease will call it The Boss.

The Boss sits at the top of each person’s pyramid of personality traits. You see overtime we develop positive and negative traits of our own personality. Making it deeper and more complex as time progresses. These traits are the voices inside, based on their hierarchy to The Boss’s needs is the ability to voice and be resonate. Now everyone has the standard top Executives, Joy, Anger, Fear, Hurt, Love, etc. Those are standard, what they do, and how they do it is personal for everyone.

However these Executives talk to the Boss in whatever voice resonates the most. For instance sometimes Fear may speak as an Authoritarian even though it’s just a personality trait of you. Doesn’t mean The Boss always responds to it, but sometimes it can be so loud and willful that it can over rule The Boss. Hence it’s executive powers. The board room is often where you go to think internally, and thus the Executives have time to chime in. Minding the Boss has final decision.

Each Executive may even have branch underlings that do it’s own part, for some people they may have an underling that is both Anger and Joy, and so hyper and anxious that it revs the Boss to anxiety from within. The Boss again gets all the say, The Boss is Bias, and to be a better one, you should consider for a moment to let some Biases go. (If even momentarily.) The fact that your mind is a continued performance of life and cycles. It’s constitution only bound by your organization and structures.

Looking at things in this kind of way, what is your Executive team telling you [The Boss]? Why are they telling you these? Do you believe them? What credit is given and to which? The fact that you are the Boss of your mind. You may not always get to control what feelings are felt, you may not control every aspect, but you get to decide. You get the final say to things, and what you will even believe of yourself. In the end the choices are always yours. Consider them with the board. Set bias aside and think things through. Some decisions are worth the time.

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