Do you have power? What is power? Is success power? Many divisive thoughts can be wrought about power. From the misuse, to the might of having it. The question that continues to push others to seek power for themselves. Each individual finds power in different things.

We empower women in Western Culture and empower Blacks, we empower LGBTQ+, or at least they try to. The fact that they all misunderstand power. Power is complex and it can be a large amount or small amount – Truth: “With great power comes great responsibility” – Ben Parker [Marvel Comics]. The statement although true, has layers of understanding within. It’s simple to think, “if I had the power things would be different!” this is not true. You see what is so simple in your own belief structures and thoughts is not the way someone else sees, or thinks. Hence the debates. The nature of those in charge are to do what they think is best. Some leaders have been selfish, greedy, or even tyrants some have done good things for their respected peoples.

So, leaders hold a power of nations, or of a multitude of people regardless. This allows for them to make laws, have them enforced, and thereby it’s a law of the land they lead. This continues no matter what kind of power. The question that power holds in leadership is it fear or respect that people are following from. If the leader is respected he/she is adored by their constituents, much like Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. While not everyone holds love to their leaders, and many still holding rebellions against the leadership only shows the actual lack of power leaders have. So, maybe not as powerful as thought, but they do hold a power don’t they?

Well, what makes power? Strength? Do men typically wield power? Not really some men are weak, and yet they may be a leader. So it’s not physical. What about strength of character? I would say that only aids the person with power – no one would follow someone that doubted themselves all the time (fear or respect). The strength of someone’s character is more a self determined quality of knowing whom they are and knowing what they’re trying to achieve, regardless of what they’re trying to achieve. The idea of that is alluring to anyone, and so it is often found in leaders.

Is power having control? Control holds only so much, because life no matter what will show you otherwise. There is little to control, but people can manipulate. Manipulate others (positively or negatively) to follow them, they can manipulate the environment to suit their needs, they can manipulate systems that are made by people. The manipulation is a means to an end. We all manipulate each other in daily life to suit our own needs, agendas, or goals. Manipulation is a tool that can be used proficiently, or inefficiently. It’s a tool that can build or destroy, help or harm. It’s the wielder’s choice. However, manipulation even at greatness is not actual control.

No one controls every aspect of their lives, but someone who feels in control of their life is someone whom again makes our leaders more often. Do they control their life? No, they just believe that whatever life might throw, they will have to deal one way or the other and that is where their confidence is. It’s not actual control either. If a [Leader] told you to kneel down and kiss his shoes would you? You might ask- are they a good one or bad one? Do I respect or fear them? However, they can compel you by gun-point to do it, and that easily sways many – however, they do not actually get to control your decision if you decided not to. So you see, they don’t control anything but themselves.

It’s not control, strength, leadership, what about money? Money is a tool much like manipulation. It can sway, it can do things that may not otherwise get done, sometimes it can actually offer a semblance of power. For instance if you went to a fine clothing store dressed in rags but had a billion dollar bank account, when the staff might get ridged about you – you could flash wads of cash and they’d be of service (likely) quickly. Or in the case of you’re hit with criminal charges, money offers a lawyer that is likely better than the public defender. So you can see where some power is held to money, but itself is not powerful. The store employee may not take your money and still drive you out. Money can’t buy the jury verdict (most the time). The idea that money is how you have power is the freedom to do what you want. Ah! The key!

Freedom, has an alignment to power! It’s the freedom that makes powerful people, their ability to freely do whatever they choose no matter what regard. Sometimes this is of little consideration as their intention is positive, however when negative, they still often see it done. That is the nature of power, freedom. However having freedom is not power in it’self power is a lie. The truth about power is that there is none. The world is constantly in flux, and what was won’t be after time. That which held power will inevitably loose it. So the truth of power is that it doesn’t actually exist in anything but a choice. The power to choose.

You get to decide as much as any leader got to decide, the difference of repercussions of your choices is vastly different. Which makes Ben’s quote so profound, because there is more responsibility to choices that effect more than yourself. Your power to choose your life, is just as free as any, and while you may not be driving the Masarati quite yet, the only actual thing holding you back is you. However that didn’t stop those who stole it, any more than it stopped those who sought it legitimately. The only difference was how they chose to get there.

You have the same freedom of choice. A choice that no one gets to make but you. That is power and that is the only real power we all have. With that being said, I reiterate Ben’s quote, “with great power comes great responsibility”. You must make your choices with consideration of the responsibility you have to it. You are responsible for your choices whether you acknowledge it or not.  The greater the choice the greater the responsibility. That is what power is, and when you can truly understand the freedom of your choices, what they can mean, and what they can do – then you will hold power.

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