Forgotten Heroes

I saw this and had to share it in my own way. Please watch.Now these men and women whom responded within 5 seconds are sick and dying for 18 years?! How does this show how we the people treat our most notable heroes? We either tear down their statues, or we forget that they risked their lives for ours. In a call for an emergency, every day, people like these brave men and women answer those cries for help. We forget that they are in continual service to us, and we seem to neglect that service, whether it be military, police, fire, EMS, or otherwise.

Why is service so easily overlooked, because an irony – like God, you don’t need them until you need them. How callous are we now that our news would rather talk about Trump and hate, rather than this moment that Jon Stewart had. I am appalled that Congress would take 18 years to take any action for these individuals. They have families, they have lives beyond their jobs, but unlike most of you their job is risking their lives every single day they go out.

We need heroes like them as a matter of fact. It is those who continually give their effort toward saving lives, toward making things better for anyone regardless of who you are. They are attempting to serve when called and that day was one where there was no greater call for them to go in. We asked them to run into the danger, the fire, the rock, the debris and dust, and death only to do a disservice of forgetting that they went. Forgetting that people like them exist all around us, but these were the ones who were there when we needed it most.

They jumped in, and performed tireless hours of work, many of them still working well beyond their own actual capacity, if only to save one more life. What kind of person is this? It’s us, we all have a capacity to be this incredible, and can do many great and amazing things as these responders did for us. However when we take for granted their services, leave them to die by the wayside, and because of the very danger we asked them to go into, we do all of our heroes and that hope a very big disrespect.

I wanted to share this because these people are the epitome of believing in the good of people. They work each day in a service to their communities in hopes that they’re making their world a little better by doing so. In hopes for the lives and people they save each day. You may easily forget their sacrifices, and it can easily be lost in the quagmire of our lives. However we must not forget our heroes, and we must not forget the absolute sacrifices of these men and women.

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