With a mass amount of attention in America about these recent and continual mass shootings, I feel it is become necessary to add my opinion here. These are first and foremost tragic and horrible events that we should learn from and do better. However with this said, it’s time to understand some things.

Secondly, these are the work of insanity. Period. No matter what ideology that is followed to “justify” their own actions doesn’t actually matter as it’s then just an excuse to have acted in the ways they did. However, no matter what ideology that is followed to a point of murdering others, is one that is wrought with insanity. A break in the psyche that separates the value of a human lives from reality. The ideas that anyone is responsible for these events other than the shooter themselves is irresponsible.

The shooter has stewed on their own misery and self loathing, or/and loathing of others. They are the individual whom chose to believe their own “justification” to act and say the things they do individually. To forget this is a crime to those whom were affected by that individual. We can ask how and why, but the truth will always remain that fracture in mental state that values human life.

Mass shooters are not the only ones without value of human life. Prisons have prisoners whom have a disregard for  human life. No matter what that’s a break from the norm of life being valued, sacred, and not yours to take. However when we really point fingers at anything else we take away the actual truth of the events and everything to do with them.

For instance, in the case of the most recent shootings, Ohio and Texas, they are both white boys whom again were insane. They killed people and it is horrible. However what if the reality is that they were lost white boys because current main-stream rhetoric is anti-white, and many white people follow it. (a.k.a. White Guilt). What if the way we are as a society in our education system failed to offer any actual hope for individuals whom are lost, whether they be Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian. This is point three.

Our education of our own youth has utterly failed. Not only in attending to the needs of children, but in educating, in showing the actual opportunities that are available within our world. Instead because of the abysmal state of our schools and many things surrounding youth. Single parent homes, to the education of our youth, to the problems that social media has created in lives and social lives of people. We have forgotten them.

We have forgotten that many of the mass shooters could be reformed if they would’ve had the opportunity that they didn’t see. That being the case, they also chose not to see the opportunities, not to make the choices they did, they still made a horrible decision that cost far more than they could ever understand. The truth of these things are that they are complex and deep, and we need to do better as a society. We can start by treating our youth with a little more attention.

Our teachers and schools need desperate attention not to restrict activities but to promote things, to promote better pay for teachers, making a more competitive market for teachers, which would make better teachers who care. Promote more money to educate those who need to understand how complex this world is and not to glance over things with bullet points. To promote programs for families and people to have access to the opportunities that are out there.

That would be a starting point to the issues of these tragic events. However, last but not least. These events are completely wrong. You do not have the right to someone else’s life. If for any reason you feel like you’re in a place to take lives, even your own, ask for help. Do not wait, do not make a choice that can’t be taken back. Make another choice. Choose maybe the choice you don’t see.

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